Hot Local Sex Dates/College Sex Dates is a FRAUD!

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Hot Local Sex Dates/College Sex Dates is a FRAUD!

Site is at:

They will send all kinds of emails before you pay for membership, saying that you have messages and flirts then when you actually pay for membership none of the "profiles" that contacted you during the free membership will respond via email.

If you ask for a refund they will delete your profile and take your money.

The company ignores all requests for refunds. Most of the profiles are quite possibly phony. I highly recommend people stay away from this site. They have poor customer service.


Antoine, Arkansas, United States #205127

Nice try ***. I was there, you were not.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #205105

I bet the real reason they delted your account was because you were acting too perverted with the people sending you messages or because they found out you were underaged. Maybe once the people sending you messages found out who you were they decided they were not interested in you because you are a loser. Not their fault you are a loser.

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